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    High Definition CCTV Cameras

    Check out the full and comprehensive range of CCTV Cameras we have available designed for every situation.

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    Perimeter Protection and CCTV Surveillance Systems

    No matter what Industry you are in or how big or small that operation may be we have a comprehensive range of perimeter protection systems specifically designed to suit your operational needs .

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    Data Security and Protection

    Just like yourselves we take our business serious, all of our video recording systems securely store the video we collect on local raid arrays that are backed up to a storage area network (SAN) and archived to a private cloud we maintain at a remote secure location.

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    Working in Partnership

    MDM is a fully licensed security agency working in close co-operation and partnership with Federal & State Police Security Forces and Agencies.

Anambra State Government Approved!

His Excelency Chief Willie Obiano, inaugurates the installation of a CCTV Camera System in the Main Market and plans to expand the system to include all markets in the State of Anambra.

Our Services

We offer a comprehensive range of services for our customers to choose from as listed below;

Design Engineering

Our Engineerings Consultants and Engineers can provide you with a comprehensive network design specific to your complex, campus, facility or residential compound.

Rapid Response

We can provide you with a rapid response service deploying armed guards from local bases and compounds whilst alerting the local police.

Exclusive Support

Our Security Personnel will actively monitor and control the safety of your premises, machinery, personnel whilst you are off site liasing with security forces on your behalf when there is an attack or intrusion at your facility

Incredibly flexible

We know and understand that not every business operates nine to five and not every industry has a specific requirement so we are well prepared to adapt to your specific set of requirements.

Latest Projects

As a pioneering advocate of the adoption of CCTV Security Surveillance Systems MDML is constantly in demand for their services, below is some of the latest projects we have either bid, are in the process of delivering or have completed.

OMMUTU Main Market - Onitsha

The Main Market CCTV Surveillance Pilot Project is completed and inagurated by His Excellency Chief Willie Obiano, Governor of Anambra State.

ASG - Strategic Planning

Anambra State Government announces its intention to add CCTV Surveillance Solutions to all Markets in the State of Anambra.

Design & Innovation

We are always looking to improve our system design. Today we are striving to develop a new low carbon solution to help reduce the electrical requirement of deploying high numbers of cameras.

Latest news

Local Industry Announcements & Press Releases

Anambra Govt To Install CCTV Cameras In Markets

The State Government says it will reposition all markets in the state to meet up with world standard. The State Commissioner for Trade Commerc

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Executive Command & Control

His Excellency Chief Willie Obiano Executive Governor of Anambra State visits the new Security Command and Control Room of the Onitsha Main Mark

Secret Camera’s in Onitsha

“The cameras are already identifying and taking shots of people who are trying to “do anything inimical to other people’s security,’’ h