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Business Security Camera Systems

Investing in the right security measures is a key aspect of being a successful business owner. It’s not just about safeguarding your property and assets, but also about monitoring your employees’ work productivity and keeping a close eye on internal operations.

MDM has a wide selection of business security camera systems specifically catered to everyday business owners who need a dependable solution for recording any unusual activity that occurs during or after business hours. Whether you own a small retail shop, software company, or large-scale enterprise, we have a number of high-quality business surveillance systems available that are intended to provide utmost protection of your precious commodities.

As mentioned, business security cameras are not only important for surveying your property but also for monitoring employee behavior and other activity that sheds light on how business is conducted. In other words, surveillance cameras play a critical role in determining which business methods work and which don’t. If you own a retail store, for instance, business security cameras can observe what your customers are looking for, and how your employees engage with them. It’s a sure-fire way to monitor customer behavior and employee interactions.

Internal and external cases of theft can compromise the profitability of your business. Placing business surveillance cameras throughout your store or building will aid in deterring employees and customers from stealing, while also recording incidents of theft that do take place. Selecting high-definition surveillance cameras is a smart choice. Capturing poor quality, grainy images will not provide enough evidence of a theft or break-in since identification will be nearly impossible.

When selecting a business security camera system, you can rely on MDM to point you in the right direction. MDM and its in-house team of business security experts are here to answer your questions, and make recommendations based on the layout of your property and your company’s security requirements.

Business security cameras should be placed at high-traffic points such as cash registers, sales floors, common areas, entryways, and exit doors. If you manage or own space in an office building, surveillance cameras should be installed on ceilings directly above cubicles to monitor work flow and employee productivity.

As you begin to shop for business security cameras, consider opting for an all-inclusive video surveillance system. These pre-configured systems offer all the necessary surveillance equipment to install your new business security cameras on the day of delivery. MDM specializes in pre-configured and customized surveillance camera systems that are perfect for growing businesses. Our video surveillance systems effectively monitor your indoor or outdoor business with best-in-class surveillance features like HD video resolution, wide dynamic range, tamper detection, day/night visibility, MicroSD onboard storage, and more. We also offer systems that come with both indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras for complete coverage of your business property. Outdoor-ready security cameras are housed in heavy-duty, weather-protected enclosures that lock out rain and dust, which allows them to withstand challenging climates where surveillance is needed. This is a suitable option if your entrance or exit doors lead directly outside.

With every business security camera system you receive a network video recorder for recording, viewing, and managing your surveillance cameras onsite or remotely. This plug-and-play device allows you to tap into your business security cameras on virtually any Internet-enabled PC, Mac, or Smartphone. It’s a must-have for busy professionals who can’t always be onsite to observe what’s going on. To learn more about NVRs, feel free to contact us at your convenience. As a certified partner, we will walk you through the process of viewing your security cameras from a remote location. Operating surveillance video should not be an arduous task, which is why we fully back the functionality and performance of NVRs. They’re intuitively built, easy to navigate, and provide instant access to your live camera feed anytime and anywhere.

Our business-tailored security camera systems are also equipped with Cat5e Ethernet cabling for fast and flexible set up. Don’t underestimate the value of having a video surveillance system installed at your place of business. You can never be too safe, especially when it comes to protecting your business.

For more information on our products or corporate discount programs, please send an email to sales@metrodigitalmobile.com.