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Video Surveillance for Government

Video surveillance is a great security solution for government buildings, facilities and operations. Installing a system of video surveillance system can enhance your existing security systems or help start a comprehensive security solution that can keep your building, employees and records safe.

National and Federal Government uses of Video Surveillance

Government uses of surveillance cameras can span many different uses. Aside from establishing a secure environment at government buildings and facilities, mobile security cameras can be used to provide temporary security at government-sponsored events like speeches, inaugural balls, and parades. In fact, one of the first ever uses of CCTV cameras was by the UK government in the early 1960s – surveillance cameras were set up in public area to monitor crowd during a public event that featured foreign dignitaries. With concerns today about terrorism and assassinations at an all-time high, cameras with advanced features like video analytics can help prevent disasters from happening at all.

State, Local and Municipal Government applications

Security cameras and CCTV systems can also be advantageous for smaller, local governments. A city might use security cameras to protect transportation facilities like bus stations, for example. It is becoming far more common for localities in Nigeria to use video surveillance as part of their main method of providing local security.

At a smaller level, video surveillance can be applied to many more civic applications. Local governments and departments of transportation have used surveillance cameras to monitor traffic patterns. Traffic cameras, which capture data of drivers who speed or run red lights, help raise money through traffic tickets for city and local governments. Some local governments, like the city of Charleston in West Virginia, have begun to team up with local businesses, offering a reimbursement to businesses who install surveillance cameras to monitor public areas and boost security in high-traffic pedestrian areas.

Like surveillance cameras in federal and state applications, security cameras can also protect municipal and local government facilities like office buildings, courts, police stations, local industrial complexes and trading establishments and museums. Temporary surveillance cameras are also a popular security technique used by law enforcement agencies to combat the need for surveillance at protests, rallies and other public gatherings.

Prison Security Cameras

Penitentiaries – whether state, local, or federal – have adopted security cameras and constant video surveillance as a form of security. A guard staff can only keep so much of a jail safe, and a video surveillance system helps officials ensure that all areas of the prison are kept secure and up to protocol. Surveillance cameras are also extremely helpful in monitoring prisoner behavior, especially with repeat problems like drug trafficking and gang violence.

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