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Health Care

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Video Surveillance for Healthcare

An integral part of any culture or country, health care is one of the most basic and important aspects of any society. While it may appear in different forms, its basic goals of prevention, treatment and cure are the same everywhere. Whether it’s a clinic, a hospital or a doctor’s office, video surveillance is a valuable security tool for healthcare institutions of all shapes and sizes, helping patients, doctors and staff focus on the treatment first.

Benefits of Clinic Security Cameras

Protect Patients – Medical records can hold some of the most private information about a person, and could contain information that could be valuable to identity thieves or other conniving parties. A video surveillance system in an office lobby or file room can help keep patient’s medical records – and identities- safe. Healthcare security cameras can also keep patients safe while they’re waiting to visit the doctor, helping to improve their overall experience.

Protect Supplies – One of the most important parts of healthcare is having the right equipment to do the job. Medical supplies range from inexpensive things like tongue depressors and cotton swabs to hi-tech equipment like x-ray machines or advanced medicines. Security cameras in store rooms can help keep supplies safe, making healthcare operations more efficient.

Remote Monitoring – Advances in IP video and digital technology have made it possible to view surveillance footage remotely from any internet browser, or in some cases, a mobile phone. This breakthrough allows healthcare facilities to stay protected 24 hours a day.

Risks of Healthcare Surveillance

Privacy – it is extremely important that patient and doctor privacy be protected at all times. A person’s health is legally a subject that can only be discussed between the patient and provider, and therefore, security cameras should only be placed in public areas where they will not compromise any issues of privacy or trust.

Advice for Clinic IP Video Cameras

  • Place cameras near entrances and exits to capture every visitor who enters the healthcare facility
  • Place cameras in store rooms and hallways to ensure safety of equipment.


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