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Security Camera Systems for Your Apartment

Apartment buildings and complexes house large, continually changing populations of residents who may be strangers to each other. The risk of theft and vandalism can be high. A properly designed system of apartment security cameras can foster a secure living environment for all residents.

Benefits of Apartment Complex CCTV

Easy to Install – IP security cameras are easy to install yourself, and unlike analogue CCTV cameras, you can choose where to put your cameras and reconfigure them according to your needs – no appointments, ladders, or power  tools necessary.

Secure Public Places – Video surveillance makes it easy to   keep your residents safe.  Tenants will know that when they their property, apartment security cameras are looking out for them. A camera mounted at the entrance can prevent intruders   from slipping in behind your tenants at locked entrances and can discourage   violence and other crimes from occurring on your premises.

High Resolution Images – Apartment surveillance cameras with digital features provide much higher resolution than their analogue counterparts, providing high quality   footage and no static.

Check Footage Anytime – A network of IP cameras managed by   a NVR (network video recorder) allows you to broadcast your security camera   footage over the internet. You can view your footage from anywhere in the world,   and check up on any of your complexes at any time.

Apartment Security Cameras – Risks

Apartment and condominium complexes range widely in type and size, and   require different types of security for the best protection. Consider these   factors when you are setting up your video security system:

  • Tenant Privacy – Apartment security cameras should only be installed in public   places like entrances, parking lots, and laundry rooms to protect tenant   privacy. Be careful to keep tenant doors out of your camera’s view.
  • Vandalism – Since so many people enter and exit apartment   complexes each day, it’s possible that vandals can slip in undetected and damage   your property or camera system
  • Outages – Power outages, disturbances and surges can cause   disruptions or damage to your apartment security camera system. Although these problems   are rare, they still happen on occasion.
  • Outdoor Damages – security cameras in outdoor areas like   parking lots, pools and courtyards can be damaged by inclement weather.

Configuration Considerations for Apartment Building IP Video Systems

Apartments are a part of every housing landscape – urban, suburban, small   town, even rural. Neighbourhoods, tenants and simple architectural features all   make a big difference when it comes to security, and can make the security needs   of two different apartment complexes completely different. Take the following   into account when shopping for and installing a system of security cameras for   an apartment building:

  • What security systems are currently in place?
  • What is the biggest security issue for the building or complex?
  • What are the tenants like? Is there a high rate of turnover?
  • What kind of problems have their been in the public areas of the complex?
  • How are the apartments laid out? Are they grouped together in a single   building or spread out in many buildings over a larger complex?
  • Is there a parking garage or do tenants park on the street?

Setup Advice for Apartment Security Camera Systems

  • Place cameras in public areas like parking garages, building entrances, mail   rooms, and laundry areas.
  • Consider using IP cameras to allow for easy expansion or re-arrangement of   the system should your needs change
  • Protective housings should be placed around any cameras exposed to the   elements
  • Place cameras in administrative areas, especially if rents are paid on-site.