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Video Surveillance for Babysitting

Babysitters and in-home childcare are mainstays of parenthood and child-rearing. As much as parents love their children, sometimes they need a break, and that’s where the babysitters and nannies come in – childcare professionals that mind children while parents are away (either at work or play). For the most part, childcare professionals and children get a long swimmingly; but for the certain moments where the relationships are uncomfortable or unpleasant, “nanny cams,” or surveillance cameras which record the actions of a nanny or child care provider, are helpful in gathering evidence and information about supposed wrongdoings.

Advantages of NannyCams

Concealed surveillance – Many (although not all) nannycams are concealed in books, clocks, stereos and other house hold appliances, and will surreptitiously record childcare activities and the true nature of the nanny or babysitter. Concealed nannycams provide a glimpse into what the behavior of the babysitter is truly like and gives an objective perspective to a parent or guardian

Check from anywhere – Nanny Cams that use digital, IP camera technology can be viewed from any internet connection – great for the working parent who wants to check up on their child during the day.

E-mail alerts – Some IP cameras with motion detection capabilities can be configured to alert the owner when something enters a room. Alerts can be sent either through email or in some cases, over a cell phone. This gives parents instant notifications from the nanny cam.

Disadvantages of Babysitter Cameras

Consent – Nanny Cams are a contentious subject amongst many child care providers. Some babysitters don’t care that they are being recorded without their consent, while some nannies are outraged at the thought that cameras could record them while working. Laws about consent vary from state to state in the US, check to see what applies to you.

Damage – Because they’re usually disguised as common household appliances, nanny cams may be subject to damage. Careful that your “alarm clock,” “stereo,” or “book” doesn’t fall on the floor or get knocked around by unsuspecting parties.

Installation Questions for Nanny Surveillance

Video surveillance solutions for nanny cameras are dependent on many different factors. Consider each of the following when purchasing and installing your security cameras:

  • Where do you want to record?
  • Where do your children and nanny/babysitters spend the most time?
  • What do you hope to catch with the NannyCam?

Setup Advice for Nanny Cams and Babysitter Surveillance

  • Select a camera or concealed camera that will blend naturally into your surroundings – don’t put an alarm clock camera on top of a bookshelf, or a teddy bear camera on the floor of a kitchen.
  • Check and double check laws in your area regarding consent and whether you need to notify parties of recorded video
  • If you are concealing your nanny cam, make sure that computer directories and software applications used to monitor and control the camera are hidden on your computer.