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Video Surveillance for Property Management

Apartment buildings and complexes can benefit from video  surveillance systems due to their large groups of residents (who are  often strangers) and high rates of theft and vandalism.

Beneficial Aspects of Rental Surveillance

Easy to Install – IP  cameras are easy to install yourself, and unlike analog CCTV cameras,  you can choose where to put your cameras and reconfigure them according  to your needs – no appointments, ladders, or power tools necessary.

Secure Public Places – Video  surveillance makes it easy to keep your residents safe. A camera  mounted at the entrance can prevent intruders from slipping in behind  your tenants at locked entrances and can discourage violence and other  crimes from occurring on your premises.

Prevent Theft and Vandalism –

High Resolution Images – Digital  security cameras provide much higher resolution than their analog  counterparts, providing high quality footage and no static.

Check Footage Anytime – A  network of IP cameras managed by a NVR (network video recorder) allows  you to broadcast your security camera footage over the internet. You  can view your footage from anywhere in the world, and check up on any  of your complexes at any time.

Risky Factors for Condominium Security Cameras

Tenant Privacy – Cameras  should only be installed in public places like entrances, parking lots,  and laundry rooms to protect tenant privacy. Be careful to keep tenant  doors out of your camera’s view.

Vandalism – Since  so many people enter and exit apartment complexes each day, it’s  possible that vandals can slip in undetected and damage your property  or camera system

Outages – Power  outages, disturbances and surges can cause disruptions or damage to  your security camera system. Although these problems are rare, they  still happen on occasion.

Outdoor Damages – security cameras in outdoor areas like parking lots, pools and courtyards can be damaged by inclement weather.

Configuration Questions for Sublet CCTV Systems

Apartment  and condominium complexes range widely in type and size, and require  different types of security for the best protection. Consider these  factors when you are setting up your video security system:


  • How many apartments or condominiums are in your complex?


  • Is your complex a single building or a group of buildings?
  • Is there a single entrance with a buzzer or do apartment doors open to the street?


  • What kind of amenities does your complex have?
    • Swimming pool
    • Gym
    • Courtyard
    • Rec center
    • Basketball courts
    • Playground


  • Is your complex located in an urban or suburban area?
  • Are robberies, vandalism and other crimes common in your neighborhood?


  • Is there a high resident turnover rate?
  • What is the average age of your residents?
    • College-aged
    • Families, working professionals
    • Elders
  • How many vacant apartments do you have?
  • Have you had issues with tenant fights or disagreements?
  • How often do your tenants have legal issues?


  • What is your most pressing security concern and how will video surveillance help fix it?


  • Do you live on-site, or have a superintendent?
  • Do you hire landscapers and other maintenance?
  • Who performs basic repairs (plumbing, electrical, locks) on your apartments

Video Surveillance at Apartment Complexes

Surveillance  footage from an apartment complex near Johns Hopkins University has  been used to help convict a man of the murder of a student. In  conjunction with DNA samples and other evidence, investigators used  footage from a security camera at the Charles Apartments in Baltimore,  MD to lead them to Donta Allen. Allen, 27, is charged with murdering  Johns Hopkins undergraduate Linda Trinh in January 2005. Read more at  the Johns Hopkins Gazette…

Scenarios – Why Your Condo Complex Need Video Surveillance

Security – You’re  the manager for several large apartment complexes in a large urban  area. Car break-ins have been a consistent problem for your residents  in the past year, so you decide to install a security camera system in  your parking lots and at your complex entrances. Using an NVR, you  stream your security video over the internet and allow your residents  to check on their cars from time to time. By installing the security  cameras and allowing your residents to check them on their own, the  amount of thefts drops dramatically and your complex becomes more  secure.

Vandalism – You’re  the superintendent of several apartment complexes in a college town.  Your residents have been complaining of increased vandalism, including  graffiti on the sides of buildings and some defacing of resident cars.  You decide to install security cameras in order to detract vandals from  striking your complexes