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Limited Warranty:Metro Digital Mobile Ltd warrants all its products to be free of manufacturing defects in workmanship and materials, under normal use and service, for the applicable warranty term. All products carry a standard manufacturers limited warranty from the date of purchase from Metro Digital Mobile Ltd or its Authorized Reseller.Metro Digital Mobile Ltd may, at its own discretion, repair or replace any product not operating as warranted with a similar or functionally equivalent product, during the applicable warranty term.

The standard limited warranty can be upgraded to a one-year warranty by registering new products within 30 days of purchase from Metro Digital Mobile Ltd or its Authorized Reseller. Registration can be accomplished via the online web site. Failure to register will not affect the standard limited warranty. The one-year warranty covers a product during the Life of that Product, which is defined as the period of time during which the product is an active Metro Digital Mobile Ltd product. A product is considered to be Active while it is listed on the current Metro Digital Mobile Ltd price list. As new technologies emerge, older technologies become obsolete and Metro Digital Mobile Ltd will, at its discretion, replace an older product in its product line with one that incorporates these newer technologies. At that point, the obsolete product is discontinued and is no longer an active Metro Digital Mobile Ltd product.

All products that are replaced become the property of Metro Digital Mobile Ltd. Replacement products may be either new or reconditioned. Any replaced or repaired product carries either a 30-day limited warranty or the remainder of the initial warranty, whichever is longer.Metro Digital Mobile Ltd is not responsible for any custom software or firmware, configuration information, or memory data of Customer contained in, stored on, or integrated with any products returned to Metro Digital Mobile Ltd pursuant to any warranty. Products returned to Metro Digital Mobile Ltd should have any customer-installed accessory or add-on components removed prior to returning the product for replacement. Metro Digital Mobile Ltd is not responsible for these items if they are returned with the product.

Customers must contact Metro Digital Mobile Ltd for a Return Material Authorization number prior to returning any product to Metro Digital Mobile Ltd. Proof of purchase may be required. Any product returned to Metro Digital Mobile Ltd without a valid Return Material Authorization (RMA) number clearly marked on the outside of the package will be returned to customer at customer’s expense. Customers are responsible for all shipping charges from their facility to Metro Digital Mobile Ltd.Metro Digital Mobile Ltd is responsible for return shipping charges from Metro Digital Mobile Ltd to customer.